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Why rent a Villa in Asia ?

Why rent a Villa in Asia ?

The concept of luxury accommodation in Asia has shifted significantly over recent years. It all began with high rise hotels featuring hundreds of opulent suite rooms and this then filtered through to resorts and boutique hotels. Discerning travellers now consider privacy and personalized service the ultimate indulgence and the impact of private villas on Asia´s tourism industry is beginning to deem multi-room hotels obsolete.

A private villa is now considered a passport to luxury accommodation with all the attractive benefits and privileges that add to the pleasure. A private villa provides holiday makers with a home environment complete with master suite, exclusive bathroom and swimming pool, along with a professional staff that may include a manager, maid, buttler,  personal chef and spa therapist solely dedicated to make each stay an indulging experience.


There are plenty of advantages of renting a private villa for your next vacation. Here are just a few:

Villas allow you to feel at home; to really settle in and relax. The spaciousness of your own private common areas will create an environment of tranquility and if you are travelling with children they will love the fact that they are not confined to a hotel room.

If hanging at the pool with hundreds of strangers isn’t your thing, a villa allows you and your family/friends to enjoy your vacation with the seclusion and intimacy that only a private home would allow.

An ideal meeting place for a family get together or a corporate retreat, villas allow each party to have their own private sleeping quarters as well as the ability to gather and socialize in the common areas of the villa. Is your group a little large for one home? Many companies offer the ability to rent a group of homes in one area that still keeps everyone close.

The services available with a villa can be as inclusive as you would like. Maid service, personal chef, butler and a concierge can all be at your beck and call while at the same time offering discretion for those times when you don’t want to be disturbed. The choice is yours but certainly the service you receive can be much more personalized than that of a large hotel.

Some might think renting a villa is pricey but when you compare the price tag to that of a luxury hotel, you will often find that it saves you money. Particular value is found when you compare a larger villa vs. the cost of multiple hotel rooms for groups.



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