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Bendega Villas

Price recently raised. USD $1,287 / night (2 night min) 7 bedroom use

Jl. Nelayan No.27A, Canggu, Bali, Indonesia


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Bendega Villas

Up to 9 Bedroom Villa  from USD 1287 per night

Bendega Villas comprises two contemporary styled luxuriously appointed villas and a romantic one-bedroom pavilion, which in combination sleep up to 18 guests.  Villas are connected to each other by gateways in their private walled gardens, and can be combined to offer four-bedroom, six-bedroom or nine-bedroom villa options with up to three swimming pools.  This flexible arrangement offers multiple sets of families and multigenerational groups privacy within a shared environment.
The larger of the two villas, Bendega Nui, has five bedrooms whilst Bendega Rato has three.  The one-bedroom pavilion, set in its own walled garden with a plunge pool, may only be booked in combination with one or both of the other villas, and suits couples or independent teens within a larger group looking for a little extra privacy.

Bendega Villas seamlessly merge Balinese architecture with a clean, modern design.  Each of the bedrooms is spacious, stylishly furnished and equipped with an ensuite bathroom and a balcony, terrace or private garden.  The villas feature luxurious open-plan living and dining areas, smart modern kitchens, a library or media room and games room with pool table, as well as over an acre of lush tropical gardens sprinkled with koi carp ponds, terraces and cushion-strewn balés.
A 17-strong staff team, including an exceptional chef, takes care of guests around the clock, and the villa menu lists an extensive range of enticing dishes.  Dining out is also an appealing option since the villa’s location in Canggu presents many excellent restaurants within strolling distance, and most of these are located on Canggu’s world-famous surfing beach.  There are many more restaurants, bars, spas and boutiques to choose from in bustling Seminyak, 11km away.

Surrounded by terraced rice fields, yet only a few minutes’ walk from the beach and an exciting and ever-expanding selection of places to eat and drink, Bendega Villas lies on the outskirts of the small fishing village of Nelayan in the popular district of Canggu, south-west Bali. The villas are only a 20-minute drive from the restaurants and shops of cosmopolitan Seminyak, an hour from Bali’s cultural centre of Ubud, and 30 minutes from the island’s international airport.


–  3-bedroom Bendega Nui and 5-bedroom Bendega Rato connect through the 1-bedroom Pavilion and via a shared driveway
–  The 1-bedroom Pavilion connects to 3-bedroom Bendega Rato via a wide sliding door in the garden wall
–  The 1-bedroom Pavilion connects to 5-bedroom Bendega Nui via a grand arched door in the garden wall and also via a gate onto a shared driveway

–  Bendega Nui has an open-fronted, high-ceilinged sitting room, an air conditioned dining room seating up to 20 and a games room
–  Bendega Rato’s open-plan living space features plush sofas and a dining table for 12
–  Both villas have fully equipped kitchens, and media rooms with big-screen plasma TVs, DVD players and integrated Sonos music systems

–  The villas and pavilion have private pools set in tropical walled gardens
–  They also have furnished pool pavilions (one with a kitchenette and changing rooms), relaxing balés and sun loungers
–  Sliding doors or gateways offer direct access between the villas and pavilion and can be convivially left open or closed for privacy


–  Bendega Nui has three master bedrooms with king-sized four-poster beds and two twin bedrooms (one equipped with a 37-inch TV), which may be converted to king-bedded rooms on request
–  Bendega Rato has three master bedrooms with king-sized four-poster beds; one is attached to a lounge with a 43-inch TV and computer
–  All bedrooms open onto private gardens or balconies and have huge bathrooms with sunken stone tubs and walk-in rain showers
–  Each bedroom is equipped with an iPod docking station
–  The Pavilion comprises a king-sized bedroom suite with TV, DVD player, a private plunge pool, and a garden bathroom with river stone tub-for-two


  • LOCATION : Canggu, south-west Bali, Indonesia.
  • THE ESTATE : 3 unique, private, self-contained but adjoining villas comprising: 1 x 5-bedroom villa; 1 x 3-bedroom villa; 1 x 1-bedroom pavilion.
  • CAPACITY : Up to 18 people.
  • POOLS : 3 pools of between 7 and 18 metres in length.
  • LIVING AREAS : Indoor and outdoor living and dining areas; well-equipped kitchens; library/media rooms; games room in Bendega Nui; rooftop sundeck in Bendega Rato.  All villas have garden balés and pool decks with sun loungers.
  • STAFF : Staff of 17 includes a manager, chef, 24-hour butlers, gardeners, pool attendant, 24-hour security. Babysitter, masseuse, driver and yoga instructor available on request.
  • DINING : A wide variety of Western and Asian dishes; selection of wines, beers, spirits and soft drinks; children’s menu.  Requests accommodated (including special diets).
  • COMMUNICATIONS : Telephones in all rooms; laptop and printer for guest use; complimentary WiFi internet access.
  • ENTERTAINMENT : Sonos digital music system; iPod docks in all bedrooms; plasma TVs, DVD players; books; games.  Pool table in Bendega Nui.
  • FOR FAMILIES : Bendega Villas is well equipped for families.  Cots and high chairs are available on request and there is a good supply of DVDs, books, games and pool toys.
  • SPA : Professional therapists can be arranged via the villa manager for in-villa spa treatments (extra cost applies).
  • TRANSPORT : Chauffeured personal car on standby for up to 8 hours a day (Complimentary for bookings of 5 bedrooms or more).  Parking space is available within the villa compound for self-drivers.
  • EVENTS : Special events catering for up to 100 guests (or 70 seated guests) can be arranged at Bendega Villas.
  • ADDITIONAL FACILITIES : Full back-up diesel powered electrical generator; safety deposit boxes in all bedrooms; gas barbecue; pizza oven; mountain bikes (2); massage beds (2).
  • PROPERTY AREAS : 3,900sqm Bendega Nui; 1,300sqm Bendega Rato

Villa Rates:

9 Bedroom 2020 :

PeriodPrice per night (USD)10+ nights (USD)Min stay
03-Feb-2020 to 26-Mar-20201,620 ++1,377 ++2 nights
27-Mar-2020 to 07-Apr-20201,881 ++1,599 ++3 nights
08-Apr-2020 to 13-Apr-20202,196 ++1,976 ++4 nights
14-Apr-2020 to 19-Apr-20201,881 ++1,599 ++3 nights
20-Apr-2020 to 29-Apr-20201,620 ++1,377 ++2 nights
30-Apr-2020 to 04-May-20201,881 ++1,599 ++3 nights
05-May-2020 to 11-Jun-20201,620 ++1,377 ++2 nights
12-Jun-2020 to 25-Jun-20201,881 ++1,599 ++3 nights
26-Jun-2020 to 22-Aug-20202,196 ++1,976 ++4 nights
23-Aug-2020 to 17-Oct-20201,881 ++1,599 ++3 nights
18-Oct-2020 to 14-Dec-20201,620 ++1,377 ++2 nights
15-Dec-2020 to 25-Dec-20202,196 ++1,976 ++4 nights
26-Dec-2020 to 06-Jan-20212,646 ++2,514 ++5 nights

9 Bedroom 2021:

PeriodPrice per night (USD)10+ nights (USD)Min stay
07-Jan-2021 to 10-Feb-20211,620 ++1,377 ++2 nights
11-Feb-2021 to 20-Feb-20211,881 ++1,599 ++3 nights
21-Feb-2021 to 25-Mar-20211,620 ++1,377 ++2 nights
26-Mar-2021 to 30-Mar-20211,881 ++1,599 ++3 nights
31-Mar-2021 to 05-Apr-20212,196 ++1,976 ++4 nights
06-Apr-2021 to 11-Apr-20211,881 ++1,599 ++3 nights
12-Apr-2021 to 29-Apr-20211,620 ++1,377 ++2 nights
30-Apr-2021 to 03-May-20211,881 ++1,599 ++3 nights
04-May-2021 to 10-Jun-20211,620 ++1,377 ++2 nights
11-Jun-2021 to 24-Jun-20211,881 ++1,599 ++3 nights
25-Jun-2021 to 28-Aug-20212,196 ++1,976 ++4 nights
29-Aug-2021 to 23-Oct-20211,881 ++1,599 ++3 nights
24-Oct-2021 to 14-Dec-20211,620 ++1,377 ++2 nights
15-Dec-2021 to 25-Dec-20212,196 ++1,976 ++4 nights
26-Dec-2021 to 05-Jan-20222,646 ++2,514 ++5 nights
8 Bedroom 2020
PeriodPrice per night (USD)10+ nights (USD)Min stay
03-Feb-2020 to 26-Mar-20201,476 ++1,255 ++2 nights
27-Mar-2020 to 07-Apr-20201,710 ++1,454 ++3 nights
08-Apr-2020 to 13-Apr-20202,043 ++1,839 ++4 nights
14-Apr-2020 to 19-Apr-20201,710 ++1,454 ++3 nights
20-Apr-2020 to 29-Apr-20201,476 ++1,255 ++2 nights
30-Apr-2020 to 04-May-20201,710 ++1,454 ++3 nights
05-May-2020 to 11-Jun-20201,476 ++1,255 ++2 nights
12-Jun-2020 to 25-Jun-20201,710 ++1,454 ++3 nights
26-Jun-2020 to 22-Aug-20202,043 ++1,839 ++4 nights
23-Aug-2020 to 17-Oct-20201,710 ++1,454 ++3 nights
18-Oct-2020 to 14-Dec-20201,476 ++1,255 ++2 nights
15-Dec-2020 to 25-Dec-20202,043 ++1,839 ++4 nights
26-Dec-2020 to 06-Jan-20212,466 ++2,343 ++5 nights

8 Bedroom 2021

PeriodPrice per night (USD)10+ nights (USD)Min stay
07-Jan-2021 to 10-Feb-20211,476 ++1,255 ++2 nights
11-Feb-2021 to 20-Feb-20211,710 ++1,454 ++3 nights
21-Feb-2021 to 25-Mar-20211,476 ++1,255 ++2 nights
26-Mar-2021 to 30-Mar-20211,710 ++1,454 ++3 nights
31-Mar-2021 to 05-Apr-20212,043 ++1,839 ++4 nights
06-Apr-2021 to 11-Apr-20211,710 ++1,454 ++3 nights
12-Apr-2021 to 29-Apr-20211,476 ++1,255 ++2 nights
30-Apr-2021 to 03-May-20211,710 ++1,454 ++3 nights
04-May-2021 to 10-Jun-20211,476 ++1,255 ++2 nights
11-Jun-2021 to 24-Jun-20211,710 ++1,454 ++3 nights
25-Jun-2021 to 28-Aug-20212,043 ++1,839 ++4 nights
29-Aug-2021 to 23-Oct-20211,710 ++1,454 ++3 nights
24-Oct-2021 to 14-Dec-20211,476 ++1,255 ++2 nights
15-Dec-2021 to 25-Dec-20212,043 ++1,839 ++4 nights
26-Dec-2021 to 05-Jan-20222,466 ++2,343 ++5 nights

7 Bedroom 2020

PeriodPrice per night (USD)10+ nights (USD)Min stay
03-Feb-2020 to 26-Mar-20201,287 ++1,094 ++2 nights
27-Mar-2020 to 07-Apr-20201,611 ++1,369 ++3 nights
08-Apr-2020 to 13-Apr-20202,043 ++1,839 ++4 nights
14-Apr-2020 to 19-Apr-20201,611 ++1,369 ++3 nights
20-Apr-2020 to 29-Apr-20201,287 ++1,094 ++2 nights
30-Apr-2020 to 04-May-20201,611 ++1,369 ++3 nights
05-May-2020 to 11-Jun-20201,287 ++1,094 ++2 nights
12-Jun-2020 to 25-Jun-20201,611 ++1,369 ++3 nights
26-Jun-2020 to 22-Aug-20202,043 ++1,839 ++4 nights
23-Aug-2020 to 17-Oct-20201,611 ++1,369 ++3 nights
18-Oct-2020 to 14-Dec-20201,287 ++1,094 ++2 nights
15-Dec-2020 to 25-Dec-20202,043 ++1,839 ++4 nights
26-Dec-2020 to 06-Jan-20212,466 ++2,343 ++5 nights

7 Bedroom 2021

PeriodPrice per night (USD)10+ nights (USD)Min stay
07-Jan-2021 to 10-Feb-20211,287 ++1,094 ++2 nights
11-Feb-2021 to 20-Feb-20211,611 ++1,369 ++3 nights
21-Feb-2021 to 25-Mar-20211,287 ++1,094 ++2 nights
26-Mar-2021 to 30-Mar-20211,611 ++1,369 ++3 nights
31-Mar-2021 to 05-Apr-20212,043 ++1,839 ++4 nights
06-Apr-2021 to 11-Apr-20211,611 ++1,369 ++3 nights
12-Apr-2021 to 29-Apr-20211,287 ++1,094 ++2 nights
30-Apr-2021 to 03-May-20211,611 ++1,369 ++3 nights
04-May-2021 to 10-Jun-20211,287 ++1,094 ++2 nights
11-Jun-2021 to 24-Jun-20211,611 ++1,369 ++3 nights
25-Jun-2021 to 28-Aug-20212,043 ++1,839 ++4 nights
29-Aug-2021 to 23-Oct-20211,611 ++1,369 ++3 nights
24-Oct-2021 to 14-Dec-20211,287 ++1,094 ++2 nights
15-Dec-2021 to 25-Dec-20212,043 ++1,839 ++4 nights
26-Dec-2021 to 05-Jan-20222,466 ++2,343 ++5 nights 

++ Villa rates are subject to 15.5% service charge, taxes, etc


Best Villa Rates at:



Jl. Nelayan No.27A, Canggu, Bali, Indonesia




  • 24 hour Security
  • Air Conditions
  • Barbecue
  • Built in kitchen
  • Buttler Service
  • Car Rental
  • Coffee Maker
  • DVD Player
  • Free toiletries
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Fully furnished
  • Garage / Parking Area
  • Garden
  • Gazebo
  • Hairdryer
  • Housekeeping
  • Lounge Chairs
  • Massage Service
  • Music System
  • Personal Chef & Butler
  • Pool towels
  • Private Bar
  • Safe / Safety Boxes
  • Security system
  • Spa Service
  • Swimming-Pool
  • Telephone
  • Transport / Car
  • Travel & Tour Arrangements
  • TV
  • Wi-Fi Internet

Useful Data

  • Distance from city center: 4 km
  • Distance from hospital: 300 m
  • Distance from train station: 250 m
  • Distance from airport: 20 km


Joe Kamps

Please let me help you to find your best villa rental in Asia.  Please contact me for any questions.

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